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The Good Bookr - PSP Bible Reader

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The Good Bookr is a Bible reader for the Sony PSP, based on the open source Bookr ebook reader.

Unlike other Bible releases for the PSP, The Good Bookr is a standalone compiled program, not a set of images or web pages. This is because a major goal of The Good Bookr is to provide a robust search interface which lends itself to Bible study.

The Good Bookr uses SQLite to store, search, and retrieve Bible texts. It also uses Danzeff OSK for the search interface.



Most of the controls are configurable. These are the defaults:

Search Controls

Search controls are not configurable.

* To remove a history item delete all the characters in a word and press up, down, or start. The item will no longer appear in the list. Search history is only stored for the session and will be cleared when you quit The Good Bookr.


Install 3.x

The Good Bookr has only been tested on 3.52 M33-4.

  1. Copy the goodbookr folder to /PSP/GAME.

Install 1.5

  1. Copy goodbookr/Bible and goodbookr/graphics to __SCE__goodbookr.
  2. Copy __SCE__goodbookr and %__SCE__goodbookr to /PSP/GAME.


Many thanks for the excellent work which made this possible:

Bible Translations

The default Bible version packaged with the Good Bookr is the King James Version. Other languages are provided here. Download, extract, and replace the original Bible file with the one in the archive.

Note that Bookr does not support unicode, so characters with diacritical marks like the umlaut (ä,ö,ü etc.) and the eñe have been converted to their plain english equivalents.

There have been several requests for the NIV, NKJV, etc. Unfortunately these versions are more focused on making money than spreading the word of God. They are copyrighted and therefore cannot be made available.


Book selection screenshot

Search menu screenshot

Keyboard screenshot

Custom font and colors screenshot



v1.2 neo



Book Abbreviations

The following case-insensitive abbreviations can be used when searching by chapter, or verse.